Spammed Wikis Database

The following wikis are getting totally hammered by spam. If you have a spare moment, please stop by, pick a page or two and delete the junk.

 Wiki               Status            Date            Who
 -----------------     --------          ----------      ---
 ProjectGalacticGuide  WikiSpamBlocker   2005-01-04      RachelStruthers
 SmallLinuxWiki        Moved?            2004-12-28      RachelStruthers
 EcotoneWiki           Despammed         2005-01-04      RachelStruthers
 OpenWiki              Looks clean       2004-12-28      RachelStruthers
 JoisWiki              Moved             2004-12-28      RachelStruthers
 MozdevWiki            Abandoned?        2004-12-28      RachelStruthers
 LateNightHackingWiki  Despammed         2005-01-04      RachelStruthers
 OtugWiki              WikiSpamBlocker   2005-07-15      Anonymous

Comments on the above

ProjectGalacticGuide comments

Breaking News: 2005-01-04

The Wiki admin of ProjectGalacticGuide took my WikiSpamBlocker, modified it for his site and is now blocking 99.99% of incoming spam!! Good work ProjectGalacticGuide!

Old comments re ProjectGalacticGuide

I've just tried to edit ProjectGalacticGuide as you ask, but after spending 5 minutes trying to find an appropriate earlier revision and edit it, I gave up. Make it easy to fix or it will die.

What is this ProjectGalacticGuide anyway? I just clicked on a few pages on its recent changes, and most of them look like crap with or without the spam. We C2 users have enough problems without dealing with other people's garbage. Sound selfish? Yup -- deal with it. FixYourWiki (emphasis on your).

No one has forced you to do anything. Rachel has asked for volunteers. You didn't have to answer if you didn't want to.. Simple as that

Thanks :-). I just want to make clear that this idea of listing Wikis to despam was started by someone else (no idea who). That person should receive the credit for what I think is a fine idea. I found the original list on WikiSpam in a Help wanted section and moved it here because the WikiSpam page was constantly being reverted to various revisions. My main contribution was to put the information in an easy-to-read tabular form.

See However, this wiki seems to be abandoned and is now marked as hopeless. It looks like there has been an attempt to prevent spam. When you edit you are presented with a check box titled "Tick this if you are human". If you don't check the box, your edit is rejected. However, this does not seem to have stopped spammers. Perhaps a lot of the spamming is performed manually?

If I try to save a good revision of the home page (mentioned above), I get the following error page:

"Software error:

Could not get editing lock at /home/ line 3396.

For help, please send mail to the webmaster (, giving this error message and the time and date of the error."

One of UseModWiki's "features" is that only a certain number of page revisions are kept. Sadly, this makes it very easy to destroy all the content with multiple overwrites. I found some stuff to restore via, but that was a lot of effort for not much of a result. I'm starting to suspect that ProjectGalacticGuide is a lost cause. :(

Why not recover all the valid material you can, and then choose a wiki with access authority? Make it easy to get on, and then start afresh. And use a better wiki.

I've just tried working on SmallLinuxWiki. A lot of the pages were clean. The pages with spam were marked as "read only" - wonder what's up with that.

OpenWiki seems to be ok. I don't see any spam. [ 2DollarWiki] seems to be ok. I don't see any spam.

Also, I've been posting "good spam". I'm weeding some of the "wiki gardens" out there and leaving my calling card as I go for my WikiGardeningService. My absolutely free service can help prevent wiki spam in the first place. All I ask for in return is good vibes and possibly job references sent my way.

For example, see my work at EcotoneWiki. I did this all by hand. All they need is a simple patch to prevent this from happening. I've left notes on the pages that I've despammed to contact me - but haven't had a response yet.

JoisWiki has a notice that it has been disabled and moved elsewhere.

MozdevWiki has spam but the pages I checked are marked as "read only" - so I can't do anything.

-- RachelStruthers

Also see: WikiSpam


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