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A SmartPhone is a MobilePhone that has PersonalDigitalAssistant (PDA) type capabilities. Typically, it will have an operating system such as SymbianOs, AndroidOs?, AppleIos? or WindowsMobile. See, which classifies PDA with phone functions to be SmartPhone as well.

As of January 2014, the top two contenders in the smartphone market are Apple's iPhone 5S, and Samsung's Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note III.

As the wikipedia entry says, "The key feature of a smartphone is that one can install additional applications to the device. The applications can be developed by the manufacturer of the handheld device, by the operator or by any other third-party software developer."

Functionalities expected from an average 2013 smartphone include:

Luxury features found on top-end smartphones as of 2013 include:

JuneZeroFive news is that GoogleSearch has been adjusted with a special index for the mobile web users, for XHTML enabled sites designed for small screens. See

SmartPhone examples that will not break the bank

2005 examples

PalmOs based Treo 650. Does not work well with laptop needing wireless modem. Review at

"HTC Universal" is probably only a gimmick of the addiction merchants at MS PDC Sep05. At U$150 it has 640x480 VGA screen, all kinds of connectivity, (e.g. both WiFi and ThirdGeneration), latest version of WindowsMobile and has 3G / UMTS based video (see Some earlier reports erroneous said this "SIM-free" phone cannot do 3G.

Even if the price of SmartPhone does drop, using the ThirdGeneration (and/or WiFi) will break the bank for the average consumer. I would rather spend the extra $60 or so per month entry price on petro to go places.

As of October 2006 T-Mobile has released the DASH Smartphone to compete with the Motorola Q, both of which are very compact. The DASH is discounted down to $149.00 with the 2yr plan and unlimited data is provided with a phone plan for $30mo. This could tip the scales for the spread of the smartphone for the average consumer.

Now waiting for a "Solar energy concentrator" for PowerUsage needs :)

That would be a solar battery pack like the ones they sell at Deal Extreme:

2012 examples

Samsung Galaxy Ace (GT-S5830). Best Buy sells it in the States for about $280 dollars, Fnac sells it in France for 220 €, and Telcel sells it in Mexico for about $3500 pesos (consumer electronics in Mexico are subject to insane customs taxes). The stock ROM (the Samsung-official stock OS) is slow as molasses and it has little internal storage space, but if you reflash the stock ROM with CyanogenMod? and create a second partition on your SD card it becomes much faster and very, very powerful indeed, and it has everything you'd expect from a smartphone: Bluetooth, GPS, wi-fi, UMTS/CDMA2000 and HSDPA 3G, high resolution camera with flash and support for SD cards up to 32 GB.

2013 examples

Samsung Galaxy Y. I've seen it at Telcel retailers in Mexico for $1700 pesos, or $130 dollars. Removing the huge custom taxes that apply to Mexican consumer electronics, I believe it would cost as little as $100 dollars in the US. It's probably not useful for anything more than WhatsApp, Twitter, Opera Mini, Google Maps and Facebook (through Friendcaster because the official app would slow it to a grinding halt), but it's an Android smartphone, it has 3G, wifi, GPS and Google Play and that's what counts.

2014 examples

I've seen the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini selling for as little as $200 US dollars as of July 2014. Multi-core smartphones are the norm today, and the Galaxy S3 Mini is an affordable phone with regular software updates, good modability and decent features. The Galaxy S3 is out of sale now but it usually fetches about $300-400 dollars and back in its day it was Samsung's much vaunted top-of-the-line iPhone killer -- meaning that its build quality is great and has great software support.

App suggestions -- Android

PDAs falling behind SmartPhones in sales?

Early 2005 reports show PDA uptaking is slowing down and vendors are pulling out. If true, is it possibly due to the more pervasive nature of the slower speed ThirdGeneration network? Are people getting tired of having to sync their PDA with PCs for email (those without WiFi)?

But a mid 2005 GartnerInc survey (that includes units with WiFi capabilities), showed over 1/3 rise in annual sales. See I was discussing Smartphone vs PersonalDigitalAssistant with a colleague yesterday. And we now think Smartphone has a natural advantage. Reason being anyone wanting to get a PDA will need to have a separate mobile phone (PDA HandHeld form factor not designed to be palm sized), while the reverse need is not as urgent. -- dl Aug05

NetworkCarriers are in no hurry to lower prices and improve services, so SmartPhone users are in essence getting a crippled PocketPc, as bandwith through non WiFi mechanisms remain expensive. I hope I will remember a TabletPc offer more bang for the buck the next time I get tempted by these little toys. Comment re-read in 2013 now that a TabletPc is basically a plus-sized smartphone inside without GSM circuitry -- hell, the Samsung Galaxy Note II is officially called a "phablet", a phone-tablet hybrid.

Quest for the KillerApplication

See some ideas in Feb05 (RealDatesPlease) blog at

Would the inclusion of XML based ScalableVectorGraphics functionality open up new grounds? See for a list of these units

Push Email

In Australia, the NetworkCarriers favor RIM (Research In Motion) BlackBerry product, even though IT managers tend to be more comfortable with WindowsMobile. See,2000061791,39206968,00.htm

BlackBerry Messenger

Back in 2005-2010, Research in Motion made a killing by signing up everyone who purchased a Blackberry smartphone to their own instant messaging platform Blackberry Messenger. In places where SMS delivery was unreliable, BBM made a killing by being actually reliable and allowing people to text each other over wi-fi.


WhatsApp is a smartphone-oriented instant messaging service marketed as a replacement for SMS messages, which also features quick and easy media sharing, tons of emoticons, and group chats; kinda like a non-vendor exclusive Blackberry Messenger. In countries where SMS delivery is unreliable, some people actually get a smartphone exclusively for using WhatsApp.

Angry Birds

With millions of downloads, this little game about flinging explosive birds against pig fortresses has actually become one reason why people nowadays purchase a smartphone.

Now even on your pc:''

Camera and social networks

The ability to take pictures with a device you always carry with yourself and instantly upload them to your Facebook by just tapping "Share", "Facebook" and "Post" is yet another reason why people purchase a phone.

As a fashion statement

With all the bells and whistles that come with an iPhone, a lot of people who don't even use a smartphone to their fullest have come to purchase them because they look pretty or just to show off how rich and technologically current they are. Also, a lot of people purchase an iPhone because they are SteveJobs fans, and as of 2012 a lot of people purchase a Samsung Galaxy S3 because they are SteveJobs haters.

SmartPhone with Dumb InformationSecurity

A mid Feb05 successful hack of Paris Hilton (see, where pictures and phone books were released to the public, may suggest lots of way to go for WirelessSecurity yet. How did the T-mobile break-in result in stuff stored in her phone getting retrieved? Also, there were reports of a successful hack on her BlackBerry PDA in a prior incident as well. If true, again a worry from a security perspective.

Possibly she leaked the information herself as a publicity measure?

CW reported that the cell phone data was actually stored in the server that got broken into. It relayed a more serious exposure where secret US government documents were compromised because T-mobile server was hacked. See,4814,100032,00.html

MicrosoftCorporation ventures

WindowsMobile 5 - May 05

WindowsMobile for SmartPhone is still different than that for PocketPc

Peabody - 2005 "loss leader"?

See MicrosoftPeabody

Stinger - Earlier MS venture that fizzled

A lawsuit reported at revealed some history of the failed venture. An earlier article in 2000 reported B Gates resentment at being excluded from the SymbianOs consortium.

One reason for Symbian's existence is that it isn't Microsoft, so there was no real chance of MS being allowed in to play

MS side of the story was that Stinger was realized in a product called SmartPhone 2002 (in 2001 MS sources said WindowsCe 3.0 was to be the OS).

3G and video telephony

Can anyone say if video telephony has taken off in the states? And if so is it based on the same standards as we have in Europe, i.e. ThirdGeneration?

Response from DM moved to ThirdGeneration Doug on ThirdGeneration section weeks later.

Well, as of 2013, today's high-end phones have a front camera made specifically for video calls...

From Above

WindowsMobile for SmartPhone is still different than that for PocketPc

A history of SmartPhone with pictures is available at I am interested in a count of the number of not so smart users that have purchased them over the years. Makes me happier when I finally join their rank.

The above link only references Windows-based smart phones, nb

See also WirelessDevices


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