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SemanticWikiWikiWeb is (could be?) a WikiWikiWeb including the ideas from SemanticWeb.

The HyperLink from a WikiPage to another can be an RdfProperty between an RdfSubject? and an RdfObject?. A WikiPage can be seen as an RdfResource.

The goal is a collaborative approach on writing ontologies using ResourceDescriptionFramework (or better WebOntologyLanguage) as OntologyLanguage.

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As I know there aren't implementations of a SemanticWikiWikiWeb, if you like to work on PlatypusWiki, please, contact us. -- PaoloCastagna


Seems to be a SemanticWebLog? using RdfSiteSummary. -- PaoloCastagna

My student project (Master degree) is related to the SemanticWeb. Yet, I have a personal project that uses WikiWikiWeb, and I love the idea behind Wiki. So I started thinking upon an extension of WikiWikiWeb that would use RDF. Since I thought it was a very new idea, I searched the Web to know whether people were already working on it. I'm pleased to find it is not already thoroughly analyzed and implemented. Given the fact it makes the link between my student work and my personal project, I would appreciate collaboration in designing a SemanticWikiWikiWeb. -- AntoineZimmermann

BillSeitz has some ideas:

I will work on the semantic wiki idea in my PhD thesis. All info will be put on -- MaxVoelkel

RhizomeWiki is a semantic wiki that exposes the entire site -- content, structure, and metadata -- as editable RDF. It uses a Wiki text format varient that lets the user write arbitrary RDF and XML. And WikiNames can name any arbitrary RDF resource, whose presentation depends on the context.

Just found this page - I agree that Wiki and SemanticWeb could be a very useful combination, and wrote some notes on this on our local wiki - I called it MetaWiki for the sake of a shorter name, but I see that term is already taken here for Wikis about Wikis. --DavidAllsopp

These are interesting developments -- RalphHodgson

I did some work about SemanticWiki in my master thesis. I analysed a intra net wiki for data that could be expressed in OWL. Idea was to have the wiki (markup) as common data basis for the human readable HTML representation and the machine readable OWL.

So my approach was: There is a very basic implementation using MoinMoin and Jena. It converts the wiki markup to an XHTML like XML file and passes it to a Java program. Right now the results don't go back to the wiki.

-- MoinMoin:FlorianFesti?

See also ReflectiveWiki


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