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I was looking around Wiki for some CollectiveWisdom? that might help me in a new role, which involves more traditional ProjectManagement than I've done before. Visiting the page called ProjectManagement revealed some good advice, but factored in way that makes it difficult to break in with questions and what little advice I might be able to give in a few months. I wanted to do help RefactorWiki? in this instance (ExtractToGrow is a principle I live by in many different arenas), but since so much of a page is a single thought from a single individual (some good insight from PaulChisholm), and I am relatively new to Wiki, I wanted to gather the collective's advice on how best to break some of the thoughts out into separate pages to be elaborated upon, without damaging the flow of Paul's initial ideas.



Rebuild the discussion here, where you can experiment with refactorings without damaging the other page. --Alistair

Feel free to experiment on the FacMan wiki's ProjectManagement page:

See also:


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