David Saff

As with all web pages, this one gets progressively less true with time...

If you have ever watched another person's face as they understand recursion for the first time, you will likely become as addicted to making and teaching this software stuff as I am. Be careful...

I am a GraduateStudent? at MIT. For more information on my current research, please see AutomatedContinuousTesting.

Old thoughts:

After some time getting quite a kick out of some of the great content on the site, I gleefully converted to the RecentChangesJunkie lifestyle, and contributed to some shamefully ReflexiveWikiDiscussion?s. In an attempt to save my PprKarma?, I have attempted to add my first pattern: ThinkObjectsAnyway.

I just had an epiphany when thinking about a ReuseRepository in the context of ExtremeProgramming and a recent foray into JohnLocke. See ExtremeReuseRepository.



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