Paul Chisholm

Paul S. R. Chisholm

Here are some of the Wiki pages I've started, or contributed significantly to:

SoftwareHasNoShape | ProjectManagement | MappingStaffToRoles | RedundantServersAndDomainNameService | PrescriptivePatternLanguage | CaseTool | PairProgramming | OopslaTripReports | ProgrammingIsForTrains | UnderstandingIsLove | ElvisImitators | BadProvenPractice | SoftIssuesAndOtherHardProblems | ClearingTheRoomWithaBadJoke | DefinitiveCeePlusPlusBooks | DefinitivePerlBooks

(and others; but there's no way I'm updating the list).

15 years at AT&T Bell Laboratories. 1.5 years (as a Senior Software Developer and then Manager, Content Acquisition Software) at AirMedia?, Inc (formerly Ex Machina). 15 months at Ascend Communications, and then 3.5 years at Lucent Technologies after they bought Ascend ... and out in one of the waves of 10,000 people being laid off. About 1.5 years (as a Principal Software Engineer, then Manager, C++ Foundation Classes) at dynamicsoft, and then (still as a manager) at Cisco Systems after they bought dynamicsoft. Neither my ACM nor Lucent addresses work any more; my Yahoo! ID is p.s.r.chisholm (but without the periods; isn't it sad what we do to protect ourselves from spam?).

No home page outside Wiki (at the moment).

I attended PLoP '94 and loved it, but unfortunately have missed the conferences since then. I was at OopslaInSanJose, moderating a panel (see SoftIssuesAndOtherHardProblems) with LarryConstantine, LukeHohmann, NormKerth, and WardCunningham. And organizing a workshop with NormKerth (along with WardCunningham and LukeHohmann). I had a pattern language on tracing, logging, and alarming reviewed at the TelePLoP workshop; (and did some significant development for the AirMedia? network to back it up!); I need to get that thing published somewhere. I went a lot of years between conferences, but recently attended SD Best Practices (formerly Software Development East) 2004 in Boston; good stuff.

Paul provided much of the inspiration and rationale for the MercenaryAnalyst pattern, which some of us were just discussing using on our project.

JimCoplien has mentor'ed Paul in object technology in general, C++ in particular, and got him interested in patterns over beers at OOPSLA '93 in Washington, DC.

I was an usher at the wedding of MichaelLindner and LoAnnLindner? (nee Reiling).

I've maintained my GadFly status in the object, patterns, and agile communities by being a technical reviewer for the "Gang of Four" Design Patterns book; Multi-Paradigm Design for C++ by Jim Coplien; Kent Beck's Extreme Programming Explained: Embrace Change; Extreme Programming Applied: Playing to Win by Ken Auer and Ron Miller; Pair Programming Illuminated by Laurie Williams and Robert Kessler; and Kent Beck's Test Driven Development By Example (listed in acknowledgements of each book).

I'm currently using MediaWiki (the software used for Wikipedia) at Cisco. It's amazing how quickly people go from never having heard of a wiki to not knowing how they ever lived without one.


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