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RecentChangesCamp 2009 is in Portland, Oregon on February 20,21,22 - please come if you can

Following WikiSym 2005 we agreed to convene a wiki OpenSpace BarCamp? in PortlandOregon Feb 3-5, 2006 to provide yet another great space for the community to gather for work and play! We're using OpenSpaceTechnology to create an event that is as open and accessible as possible. We chose the first part of 2006 in order to complement WikiMania 2006 (middle of 2006) and WikiSym 2006 (end of 2006).

If you are interested in attending (free registration is open now) or would like to help with the planning, please visit and help spread the word! It's going to be fun!

WikiWiki folks who are already signed up:

People interested in RecentChangesCamp may also be interested in RoCoCoCamp, WikiSym and WikiMania.

The 2007 edition was held in Portland on February 2-4. Ward, Brandon and John were again in attendance.

Ward was showing off his spiffy new electric scooter. It is called an E-Go, leading someone to quip that Ward really does have an "ego" after all!

The 2007 RoCoCoCamp, the RecentChangesCamp instance in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, is just about to begin. Scheduled for May 18th-20th 2007, physical and virtual participants are welcome.


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