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I'm a collaboration enthusiast so of course I love wiki. In fact, wiki is what turned me into a collaboration enthusiast.

The following links serve as a kind of portal for me to my name pages on the wikis that I frequent:



ConsensusPolling uses wiki to help a group move from "we have a mess" to "we have a solution and we feel good about it". Check it out at:

I'm currently very excited about RubyLanguage. My favorite resource on the topic is of course a wiki:

I'm also part of the editorial team on a blog (ohh the irony) about all things wiki:

Check out RecentChangesCamp! It's going to be a party :)

I've lurked on WikiWikiWeb for a while now. I got my feet wet editing the wiki by researching and editing the CeeLanguage TestingFramework entries. Right now, I've created a WalledGarden about elements of RelationalDatabases. I'm planning on tying the elements in to the rest of the topic soon ... after I've had a chance to make sure they aren't completely bogus.


My portal page is at

I don't have an opinion on KenWilber's theory and I'm not too interested in forming one, except maybe through dialogue. At first glance, it's exceedingly dubious that he could have formed a viable theory. ChristopherAlexander, for example, has worked for many years on creating a theory of beauty, and failed. JohnRawls worked for a long time to make a theory of morality and he only half-succeeded. He's made notable errors, his book is hardly clear as an exposition of his theory, and he never put it on a solid mathematical basis. So it's difficult to judge it. Finally, the subject of the proper relationship of perception qua perception to physical reality is still wide open. I really doubt that one guy has solved all these problems, let alone unified them. -- RK




Hi Brandon do you have information on whether there are insights shared at WikiSym05 on "Social Mechanisms" for wiki? I am interested in Jimbos viewpoint, I got LarrySangers? already (link in LarrySangerAndLessonsInCollaboration which I started). Costin did point out rightly about what Larry felt was a "root cause" for problems. There are a few pages here (or start your own) where CommunityBuilding insights are much needed. -- DavidLiu Oct05

We've standardized on the name RecentChangesCamp for the February wiki conference to occur in Portland Oregon. We're now choosing the date and a theme. If you care, please register your thoughts at


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