Please Please Do Categorize Every Page On Wiki

This wiki is one great self refactoring living pattern. Structuring it dynamically will eventually show more and more defined categories. Categorizing it intentionally will enhance this development and the awareness of its users --Harry (aka AnonymousDonor)

To throw away taxonomy is to ReinventTheWheel...OnceAndOnlyOnce is enhanced by categorization.

The establishment of Categories on pages should be a way of connecting OnTopic pages to the Wiki's StartingPoints. If a page cannot be logically categorized using an existing or sensible new category, several options are indicated:

A narrative on "Why Classify Every Page On Wiki?"

Q: Are we supposed to have each page in no more than one category as well?

A: Multiple categories for a single topic is logical. For example: an automobile is a vehicle, but it can also be a deadly weapon; the various stellar constellations are astrological icons, but are also mythological icons and can be used as a compass; etc. This is the essence of multiple inheritance.

A page often fits into several categories. So put all of those category words at the bottom of the page (which puts that page into all of those categories). For example, LimitsOfHierarchies is in more than one category (and discusses the fact that a single category per page is insufficient).

Q: If the category system isn't unique what additional use does it fulfill by being exhaustive? I cannot think of a single addition functionality added by exhaustiveness in the absence of uniqueness.

A: AlternateWikiNavigationMethod?s are essential because WikiIsNotaTree. Exhaustive classification of every topic on Wiki enhances OnceAndOnlyOnce and assists RefactorMercilessly.

CategoryCategory is a dynamic and valuable part of this Wiki. Not everyone wants to either blunder around the labyrinth (although it can be fun) or blunder around the DeeplyIntertwingled depths of a search result. Much like a site map, a complete category system assists the WikiZen to make a BeeLine? for their chosen topic.

Every page could be categorized without harming the Wiki, as long as the categories are refined and continue to be dynamically moving and growing.

The only way classifying every on wiki could be destructive is if we just stopped categorizing. As long as everyone keeps classifying, both single and multiple categories, then CategoryCategory will be useful for all.

Contrast: PleasePleaseDontCategorizeEveryPageOnWiki

CategoryWikiMaintenance, CategoryMaintenance

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