Pete Hardie

Did I link the words? Or did someone "helpfully" edit?

Early geek, got into computers in high school with the Trash-80.

15 years of professional software development, mostly small-shop.

Much interest in DesignPatterns, XP, and ways to improve the climate of SoftwareDevelopment

Other Interests - Science Fiction, Paintball, wargaming, parenting the kids

4/30/2002 - in light of the recent purge of 'unused' home pages, I'm marking my territory here today. Don't delete this page this year.

Pete, considering that you have signed contributions on more than 100 pages, you probably wouldn't get deleted by anybody. The deletions have been largely against recently unedited orphaned homepages.

At any rate, glad you're still around. -- FrancisHwang

No problemo.... BetterSafeThanSorry. I'd hate to lose the stellar content of this page :->

Ping - Aug 14, 2003, I'm still here....

... PONG? ''No, SpaceInvaders?"

just touching base here --pete

Not much point without mentioning the date! That was 2005-Mar-24. -- Doug

Facist! :->

I'm not sure I follow the humor. You mean because you think there was an implied page deletion in the absence of a date?

Hey, thanks. -- EarleMartin (Mar 28, 2006) - You're welcome, but I'm not sure what you're referring to? --Pete

Call it surgery to remove parasitic growths. -- EarleMartin

Ah, I see. Again, quite welcome. I tried to limit my work to the dross that was totally unnecessary to the debate, and not to delete things that were reasoned arguments, however much I might disagree with them.


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