Francis Hwang

Every time I edit a page here, I try to make Wiki more useful. Sometimes I add words, sometimes I edit words, sometimes I move words, and sometimes I delete words.

If you have a problem with any edit I make, please feel free to speak up about it. Please note that I'm human like everybody else, which means you'll get further with me if you are polite.

I'm a software engineer, artist, and writer who lives in NewYorkCity. My day job is at Rhizome (, where I have discovered that I enjoy fulfilling tech requests from artists and academics far more than I enjoy fulfilling similar requests from marketing execs. Astounding!

My current free software project is the LafcadioFramework?: It's an object-relational mapping framework for use with RubyLanguage and MySql. It's available at My current let's-save-NewYorkCity-tech-culture project is RubyNewYorkCity?, which you can visit at

If you want to know more than that, you can check out my site at If you want to ask me, you can email me at

You might wish to correct "to her from across the street" to "to hear from across the street" in

Thanks for the heads-up: I just fixed it.

Pages I'm proud of starting:

AntoniGaudi | ConversationalChaff | DeleteDontJustify | IsProgrammingMath | MetaphorSmackdown | RefactorerExMachina | TheInternetIsNotYourLife | WalledGarden | WhenSomeoneLeavesWiki | SeedCrystal

Pages I've started that may turn out to be complete poppycock:
DidWeEverHaveAnArchitecture | TextInsideOfCodeInsideOfText

Francis, for your refactorings and thoughts on refactoring, ThankYou.

Thank you for your WikiGnome work today (Sat 2004Mar27); that was badly needed. -- DougMerritt

Agreed -- TomStambaugh

I saw the following reference "Hwang, F. Commando Line Interface. Wired 8, 2 (February 2000), 52" in an article about PSDoom. Is that you?

Yup. That article (minus the screenshot that ran with it in the print version) is at . -- francis

I am looking for a good book (or two or three) to help me get a good foundation in dealing with concurrency in general. I tried to find references to such books in our pages but couldn't find any. Anybody have some pointers for me? -- francis

If you're working in JavaLanguage, or are willing to try to extract general principles from a language-specific book, DougLea's ConcurrentProgrammingInJava covers the topic reasonably well. He concentrates on principles and techniques, using Java for the examples. -- MarkIrons?

I came to this page to write something like this, and found that it was already here. So I second it. -- AdamSpitz

Francis, for your refactorings and thoughts on refactoring, ThankYou.

Hey Francis, is this you: -- Best, MarkDilley


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