Hot Draw

"It's Hot, It's Hot." WardAndKent repeated to each other. It was the GroupSelect and drag that was hot. It was flicker-free. They had carefully CachedBitmaps?, minimized their RefreshRectangles and DoubleBuffer-ed the display. The test case was an offset stack of rectangles with every other one selected. The smooth motion made the 2-1/2D jump to life. RobDuesberg? took one version up to UniversityOfWashington where Bjorn Freeman-Benson put it in front of a constraint system he was building for AlanBorning?. Bjorn now has an editor called CoolDraw. Must be cool.

The first ever CrcCards described HotDraw ....

MikeMiller made sure the labs goodie library got packaged up with the last version of TekSmalltalk? ever shipped. I guess that's how HotDraw made it to Europe where a lot of enhancement and conversion got done.

Ralph on the tool at one point or another. (WardAndRalphInNewOrleans & KentAndRalphAtTheArchitectureWorkshop) This latter effort led to Ralph's paper on DocumentingFrameworksWithPatterns.

Where are they now? Here are links to various implementations that trace their roots, at least in part, to HotDraw ...

It is instructive to compare Ken's and Erich's philosophies through their code.

MoinMoin has built-in support for HotDraw.

Work on the Java Hotdraw implementation of ErichGamma is now being continued as an open source project:

KenAuer and others on his team at RoleModelSoftware have applied the principles of HotDraw to a project they are working on for The Friday Institute for Educational Innovation ( It is written in JavaScript in a test driven fashion using Jasmine. He is speaking on it on February 15, 2011 at the Raleigh Ruby Brigade meetup.

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