Andrew Cates

Andrew Cates is getting the hang of Wikis around the place.

My real homepage is here and I've written a book on the meaning of life here: there are some maths problems there too which I might bring here when I've got the time. My email is andrew at homepage without the www.

I live in Cambridge UK and work for this and am especially concerned about the Aids Africa orphans:

My best friend is DuncanHarris. But I note he only says in return that he knows me! However, he's a nice guy even if he disowns me.

I think Wiki is very interesting and although I am most interested in the evolution of ideas and rules, and the principles of Wiki in general than in programming history (but I am a mathematician and kind of program badly). I think I'll stick a wiki up somewhere soon.

I started a brief discuss on the nature of belief systems and how they evolve but it is too difficult to know where to start so I've given up on that one. But I am still a studier of beliefs and cultures :o)

Also I own MazeWiki


I am looking into the wbl issues and forming a view.

Hello Andrew, you left a note on RolandKaufmann. I do not recall meeting you, although we might have had some e-mail contact. Would you like to discuss MathQuizOne Q3? Happy Easter, Roland.


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