Mike Warot

I'm now 46... and just starting to know myself.

My programming language skill set

I've got a few GrandConcepts? which I want to realize before I die: I'm interested in I'm constantly learning new things. Recently, I installed a MoinMoin WikiEngine on my new laptop. I've been learning the WikiWay. I'm amazed at the elegance, and power of the WikiWiki as a tool.

I've got a personal home page at http://www.warot.com, which is Intentionally Left Blank

I work for Live Marketing, a TradeShow? marketing company. I AM the IT staff, which is sometimes a very lonely place, technical conversation wise.

I'm very happily married, though I wish Virginia (our daughter) would let me get more sleep. ;-)

I have an active interest in making computers work for people.

All things are not perfect, of course:

-- MikeWarot



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