Meta Wiki Gnome

A WikiGnome, that just adds WikiBadges like EditHint and lets other WikiGnomes do (or not do) the dirty work.

Being a MetaWikiGnome from time to time is OK, but if all just add EditHints, that tag gets useless.

-- GunnarZarncke a recovering MetaWikiGnome

I never MetaWikiGnome I didn't like...

Isn't pointing out problems or rough spots better than simply ignoring them? I don't understand the implication that it is bad to be only a MetaWikiGnome. Ideally everyone would be a full WikiGnome, but that is not realistic nor practical. For example, somebody may have built a topic name refactoring tool that fixes back-links with a few clicks. If I don't have such a tool, then it might take me a while. But the WikiGnome who does have it may be happy to use it when link issues are encountered.

WikiGnomes have never had a hard time finding stuff to work on. I don't think it helps much to put "EditHint: This should make more sense!" or the like on pages. EditHints are useful if they convey some information that is hard to come across. For example, hints about what other pages are similar and should be merged. -- MichaelSparks

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