John Reynolds The Student

Not the same person as JohnReynolds....

>>Is the "H." short for a middle name? If so, why not use that name?

The "H." is short for a middle name which is rarely used. To use this this middle name would be as much a cause of perplexity as of disambiguation. Hence, appending a persistent role to the RealName seems a better solution to the problem of disambiguation, at least in this case.

>>[Another person] see DavidChappell for an example of two famous IT persons, both authors and both work in the same problem domain.

This student of Computer Science, chess, mathematics, natural philosophy (physics), natural magic (physics), classics, hermetic arcana (as well as other subjects, such as IronyWarning and BritishHumour) should not be confused with JohnReynolds, the professor of Computer Science.

It would be a good idea to choose which name you prefer, and then just use that name and reset your UserName to match it.

Done. (However, please note: There are still pages on this wiki which this WikiZen changed before adopting the present UserName. These changes may appear to have been made by JohnReynolds or JohnHdotReynolds?, when in fact they should (now) properly be attributed to JohnReynoldsTheStudent. I used the name JohnReynolds before becoming aware of the NameClash. There appears to be no way to fix this problem (of inaccurate historical attribution of certain mis-attributed contributions) on this wiki retroactively.)

The above shouldn't be a problem, as there are few such pages.

To continue, then. Due undoubtedly to the lingering obstruction of heavy karma from a previous life, this student has for a long time now been consigned to MainframeHell?. He is currently seeking the TrueWayOfRighteousProgramming?, which he hopes to pursue with like-minded AmiableCompanions?, who are committed to pursuing a WorthyProject?.

Occasionally, this student adopts the rather unoriginal and problematic DramaticIdentity of Frodo, a hobbit of the Shire, who is striving mightily to prevent the One Ring from falling into the grip, or grasp, of the Dark Lord--who reigns over the Land of Mordor, where the Shadows lie....

Please do not take the "Dark Lord" herein to be the DarkLordOfPortland!

Here is an old Zen case to ponder:

From the High Seat, the Master said: "One is on a lonely mountain peak with no track to come down; one is in the middle of a busy cross-road, and cannot go forward or back; of these two, who is further on, who lags behind? Do not take them to be Vimalakirti or the great Master Fu." Then he came down from the seat.

When signing, please put a space immediately before your name.

Please clarify (examples of pages where this did not happen).


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