Htag Wiki

HtagWiki is a Wiki written in the HtagLanguage by SvenNeumann and has currently one instance running at [broken link]

I have now added most of the basic formatting!

I would really welcome peer review, comments and dialogue. I have yet to find a nice list of TextFormattingRegularExpressions for the various TextFormattingRules. Please drop in and test my WikiWeb at -- SvenNeumann

How? The site gave "you don't have permission to access / on this server"!

I'm sorry, I had to take the wiki offline for now. As it was used for internal company work. I've now implemented a multiple pagesets login system, and hope to bring the original public HtagWiki back online.

I've rewritten and decomposited the HtagWiki as far as is possible with the current HtagLanguage syntax. I found many deficits I had not encountered while using it as a simple dynamic website language. The lack of complex data types and local variables makes functional decomposition awkward and recursion extremely messy. Maybe now that I have regular expressions, rewriting the parser for more concise syntax would be much easier.

I hope soon the code will be more or less in a release state so I can start filling the HtagWiki pages at last.

Now supports the outing mechanism, double bars/slashes as well as the html style <i> and <b>. Also does monospacing as well as ordered and unordered bulleting.

Will be moved to MySql soon and gain the remaining formatting options.

Beware that until a problem with page size on HtagWiki is resolved, it's easy to lose the end of a page as it gets larger. Despite having first noticed the problem, I still lost one of your replies by accident.


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