Htag Language

HTAG is a programming language developed by SvenNeumann because he was fed up with other languages only almost doing what he wants them to do.

HTAG is mainly intended for the design of WebSites.

HtagLanguage has now gained a <!%REGEXREPLACE%> command, based on the PCRE implementation of the CeeLanguage, PerlFive? Compatible, RegularExpression Evaluator.

Known uses

The HtagWiki has added some RegularExpression parsing to Htag.

A database for user-managed restaurant menus at is written entirely in the HtagLanguage, currently the only major commercial WebSite to be so.

The website is written now almost entirely in HtagLanguage (although a slightly out of date version) while the rewrite in pure HtagLanguage is almost complete (as of 2003-07-14) and is currently found at

Available implementations

Apparently none - not that I looked very hard.

Moved from HtagCommand

Commands in the HtagLanguage.

Commonly delimited with "<!%" and "%>". The author, SvenNeumann is well aware of this ClunkySyntax? and has revising it high on his ToDo.

See also: AllaireColdFusion

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