Higher Principles

Observe and follow HigherPrinciples would be a good start in choosing LifePatterns.

As noted in the quote in SelfManagement, we choose our habits, and then the habits form us. So make sure the HigherPrinciples we choose are indeed valid and more valuable then others.

Often we are embroiled in NarcissismOfSmallDifferences without being too conscious of it. It can be argued that EditWars started out that way.

What are the HigherPrinciples?

Maybe MaslowsHierarchyOfNeeds is a place to look for ideas? A later section pertaining to "Wiki HigherPrinciples" may be of more practical and immediate utility.

WorkInProgress. Just like life itself.

A scary thought

I have seen lots of material with "listen to the heart" type of slant. Books like "SoulOfAnOrganization", "TheHeartOfChange", etc.

Came across to me these might work if we have been immersed in education of virtuous UserStories when we were young. But the younger generation is taught "AnythingGoes" instead.

When a 38yo CEO of a large company starts to listen to his heart, what will his heart tell him?

I am scared.

Reading Material and references

How To succeed in Life by Following Your Heart at http://www.innerharmony.aunz.com/HeartbookletA4.pdf

Draft Wiki HigherPrinciples

Meaning all else being equal, the following considerations carry more weight

In descending order of importance

Please use HigherPrinciplesDiscussion for deliberations first, before changing the above list.

Anything more concrete than just the words above?

The above is a PromptingStatement. Any takers?


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