Flying Visitor

This is a tag to put on an individual's page when it's unclear how long they'll stay and how much they'll contribute to this wiki community.

If this tag has appeared on your page, please read

to see what this wiki is all about. If you believe that you don't belong to this category, remove the tag from your HomePage.

When this tag is put into a page, its last-edited date should be put in as well.

UserName management scheme needed

Currently, in Oct05, there is an influx of new people, a result of a more relaxed EditCodeWord setup. I suggest we put a FlyingVisitor stamp on unrecognized people who create UserNames and nothing else that is OnTopic. For others who create UserName and have been recognized (maybe thru IP) to participate in community activities, then we add a CategoryHomePage to the created UserName. If the created UserName represent a recognized name in the computing field, then maybe we add CategoryPerson if it could be of interest.


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