Fw Sync

FwSync is a program that works with FlexWiki to synchronize wiki topics between a web installation of FlexWiki and a set of directories on your local hard drive. FwSync uses the FlexWiki web service to retrieve and update topics.

Another way to look at it is that FwSync allows you to use a web-based FlexWiki instance as a source control repository of wiki topics, checking files out, editing them locally, and then checking them back in.

FwSync only works with MicrosoftWindows, and requires the DotNet runtime to be installed. It works well with FlexWikiPad, a desktop editor for wiki files that uses the FlexWiki formatting language.

FwSync can be downloaded from http://sf.net/projects/fwcontrib

Also http://www.flexwiki.com/default.aspx/FlexWiki/FwSync1dot0.html and http://www.flexwiki.com/default.aspx

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