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Hey! I work for Microsoft. I'm the lead marketing PM for the Microsoft Application Server http://www.microsoft.com/windowsserver2003/appserver/default.mspx. My areas of interest include Windows Server, the .NET Framework and SDK, Visual Studio, and related pieces.

I previously worked with IBM for about 4 years in a similar capacity, focusing on DCE, Encina, MqSeries, Publish and Subscribe technology, CORBA, and finally, WebSphere and VisualAge. I arrived at IBM by way of Transarc, a software startup that was acquired by IBM in 1994.

I joined Microsoft after being convinced that most software was too hard and too expensive, and there ought to be a simpler, easier way. I'm continuously looking for that way. XML Web Services is a step forward. So is managed code.


Hi Dino. I agree with you MS software has mass appeal, partly due to pricing. Killed a few competitors along the way though. Do you see security / interoperability / bandwidth concerns going to derail SoapProtocol based WebServices?

-- MicrosoftSlave Apr04

While I am not consistently active on this Wiki , some of the few topics I have favored in the past have been:

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Hey Dino. Are you the Dino Chiesa who worked at Marposs Techno? How many Dino Chiesas can there be? It's Bill O'Donnell!

Congratulations on your promotion. :-) -- DougMerritt

--- Hi, are you Cheeso from DotNetZip?? Moshe (pashute) from the dotnetzip discussions.


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