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This is a public Wiki version made in the ActiveServerPages from Microsoft. This one runs on MS Access database and an IIS server.

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See AspWikiPriorVersion for the prior version. -- DinoChiesa, 11 Sep 2000

Updated Version, from 19 May 2004. Includes:

Updated Version, from 4 Jan 2002. Includes: It does not include Requirements: Notes: -- DinoChiesa, 31 may 2001

I have sent Dino a version 2.00 of AspWiki

Generally speaking: my changes consists of:

  1. Maintainability concerns: adding comments, trying to iron out differences between different coding styles and standards. The original source by Trueform, was heavily changed by Dino, but it still felt like being hacked together. I did certainly not succeed to complete this process. In order to make the source better readable I tried where possible to document or standardize. The generated HTML (XHTML since version 1.41) is also made a little bit more readable.
  2. Adding what by many was considered as missing features that are (or were) available in the original wiki implementation or in other wikiclones. Sometimes this implied undoing solutions that were opted for in AspWiki. Example of things that were added are e.g. support for internal references (Like footnotes through the usage of [1]) and local references (pages on this Web server), ISBN references, BoldItalics? ...)
  3. Some additional features that I needed, or that were requested to make this type of editor acceptable for a larger amount of users.

It is far from perfect (logic error in footnotes, local references were not tested with latest versions) but I hope that you can profit from these enhancements!


Please wait until Dino reacts on these proposals.


Can you give the step-by-step install instructions?

See AspWikiInstallInstructions?

What about deleting pages that created, then changed your mind and decided to delete. This would be fairly easy to do, wouldn't it?

Also, how about a cmd to unload the mdb table into a directory of text files? Can I find more info in MSDN on how Dino did all that stuff with creating a database, a table, and columns with vbscript code? I'd like to figure out how to take any mdb and represent the structure and contents by a set of text-files.

StephenPeterson 4-20-2003

If somebody wants a Spanish version, I have it. -- MiguelAngelHernaiz?

AspWiki does images, check for an example.

the syntax for AspWiki is img:http://foo ; this will insert a tag like <img src="http://foo"> .

Why do it differently from WikiWiki?

I never knew there was such a feature in WikiWiki. -- DC

There seems to be a bug in creating links for new pages... search for ?edit= in the code and change it to ?a=edit&o= to fix it (works for me). -- MAB

Yes, thanks for that bug report. The source is corrected now.

Starting from AspWiki, I have made another Wiki in Asp: FpWiki

-- EricSegui 2002-12-16

But, AspWiki does not support revisions, that's dangerous!

Yes, quite true. AspWiki 1.47 now supports versions.

Surely this editor should have authentication?


I just installed AspWiki. When I tried "http://localhost/aspwiki/wiki.asp", I got "sorry, the page you are looking for is missing (topic=wiki)." no other links. I check everywhere on the web, but no-one mentioned this problem. Am I the only one to get that? After digging into the source code, I figured out that's because the initially created wiki pages were not active, so I can now get the wiki the same as DinoChiesa's one after I ran a query to activate those wikis. But how to create a new topic, and how to make a topic as not active?

How does one delete a page on ASPWiki?

Maybe I'm dense, but I don't actually see a link on this page to be able to download AspWiki? -- Matt

The link used to be on this page. Maybe it was yanked at some point.

NOTE: ASPWiki suffers from some serious SQL injection flaws. Use with care. I tried to contact the author, but his email bounced.

No doubt that SQL injection is a major problem in AspWiki. Also, The original author is no longer maintaining this code!

Hey, help me out, what's the difference between DinoChiesa's wiki and ElreysWikiServer?


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