Delete When Cooked

A WikiBadge invented for the purpose of appending a signed comment to make explicit the fact that the following are recognized:

It might be best read as permission, perhaps sometimes an invitation, but not an imperative. You could instead just delete the WikiBadge, and perhaps the signature too.

On the name,

I avoid saying DeleteWhenImplemented (in the context of a feature request) because I appreciate that ResolvedWontFix? may be a valid response.

On the usage,

I suppose it is superfluous when applied to WikiMail, but some might feel that comments made should be left for fear of offending the sender? I don't know, maybe I'm just a bit touchy. 8-)

I realize we already have a drawer full of very similar tools for jobs like this, and the creation of another (with a slightly perverse name to boot) may not be necessary or welcome. Will the world perhaps suggest an alternative before consigning this page to the BitBucket?

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