Tim Voght

I'm an EmbeddedSystems programmer who - professionally at least - works almost exclusively in C. I have spent a lot of time in the last couple of years studying object-oriented material, in the hope that I won't be left behind. I have found WikiWikiWeb to be a fantastic resource.

I like what I read about ExtremeProgramming. TheSourceCodeIsTheDesign is a revelation. I am still reeling from this simple but, until now, evasive truth. The full impact of this realization may take years to settle in. Thanks for the discussions...

I've made a contribution, MechanismRichPolicyFree.

I've suggested a WikiInterchangeFormat.

I've written a WikiWikiClone - PyWiki - in the PythonLanguage. I've released it under the GnuGeneralPublicLicense and hope others will benefit from it in some way.

Tim Voght [1] mailto:tvoght@indy.net

Various links (stay tuned):

Steel Pan Tuning - a handbook for steelpan making and tuning
Science of the Marimba
Dymaxion Car Patent
Complete Pulse Jet Engine Plans
Notes for a course on Stirling Engine Analysis


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