David Brin

One of the best examples of "hard science fiction", Dr. Brin is a scientist who writes compelling novels. He is best known for his Uplift trilogy, as well as Earth and other great books. Brin is also the author of TheTransparentSociety, a non-fiction book.

A list of DavidBrin novels. Not verified to be complete:

"A middling book that contains some interesting ideas, but features a terrible deus ex machina at the end. Interesting for bringing up some issues about OnlinePrivacy? before they were part of mainstream awareness."

"A very good book made into a bad movie starring Kevin Costner" "A very bad book that promises a sequel (and fortunately) never delivers one."

The Uplift Trilogy

This is a trilogy? Funny, it reads like three unrelated novels that just happen to be set in the same universe. Certainly, you don't need to read them in any particular order.

A New Uplift Trilogy

"The weakest of the Uplift Books. Brin includes everything and the kitchen sink in order to tie things up."

Author of one of the AsimovsFoundation "sequels", but it was so bad I've expunged the title from my memory. Introduces dozens of new plot devices inconsistent with the rest of the books, and generally messes up so much it takes GregBear most of the last book in an heroic (and mostly successful) attempt to tie the loose ends together again. Awful.

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