Sean Oleary

Hobby programmer / Aspiring Pythoneer / Office Monkey

My preferred wiki home is now

By December 2003, my participation at WardsWiki have diminished to zero. If you're looking for me, your best bet is my WikiPedia user page.

I've learned more about programming here than in most books, and I've learned more about collaboration here than in most jobs.

At WardsWiki, I'm an OpenAuthor, so you're welcome to do what you like with my words. If you come up with something particularly good, I would love to know about it.

Chemical Emergency Planning

I help communities plan for chemical emergencies. I enjoy working with chemicals, people, and computers (but not necessarily in that order).

I liked Wiki so much as a method of collaboration that I created a short-lived ChemicalEmergencyPlanningWiki for co-workers and friends. It never took off, so I never restored it when my webhost's server crashed.

In my job as a planner, I've found Wiki very helpful:

Some favorite quotes about WardsWiki

"This wiki addiction is hard to break" -- KrisJohnson

"If your words are getting deleted, consider creating them in a medium that is less ephemeral than Wiki. " -- SeanOleary

"RecentChanges is not the Wiki, it's just your lazy window into it." -- WaldenMathews


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