Valuable Page

I copied this from DiscussionOnReallyValuablePages: Someone thinks my ValuablePage page should be deleted ... I dunno. Maybe a page can be valuable without actually being really valuable? ... actually and truly valuable, but not to any great extent ... --BenTremblay

The choice of the title of the page ReallyValuablePages came from the page which inspired it. During the periond of the DeletionFrenzy?, one of the arguments in favor of deleting pages was to make room in the collection for ReallyValuablePages by the reduction of the size of the wiki. Some were even in favor of a wiki of a fixed size, in which a page needed to be deleted before another was added. Others argued that visibility would be enhanced by removals using the argument LessIsMore. This got me to thinking that a page which would make navigation to some of the pages which were "hidden" might be made visible by listing some of them in some order along with suggestions as to how to discover other valuable pages. In doing so, they might discover what this wiki is all about.

If your ValuablePage helps one with information of value, or points one to a page that helps them, it is valuable, if it helps many, perhaps it can be one of the ReallyValuablePages. Remember that value is in the eye of the beholder, and what is valuable to one is not necessarily valuable to another, but until we discover UniversalTruth, perhaps we can tolerate distinctions. --DonaldNoyes


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