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JaneRoberts, NineteenEightyFour

Do I really gotta write 'More than one test per method'?

 More than one test per method. 
   All tests written before the  
   features they elicit.
 Gratitude in reverse time to thy self.


What about documentation?

From: "RandallSchulz?"

''Pardon me for not doing my homework, but if "paperwork" is reduced to "nearly nothing," what documents the results of this whirlwind process?''

If XP advertized "zero paperwork" we'd get in trouble. XP either generates documentation for free, as part of otherwise required practices (like the stack of finished user story cards), or it makes any extra documentation efforts a schedulable UserStory.

The catch is XP removes paperwork from the design/code feedback loop. --PhlIp

Can I show up loaded?

ch259194@stmail.staffs.ac.uk wrote:

''I think you will find that LSD doesn't even compare to alcohol for brain cell death... coffee probably kills more brain cells than LSD - and yet im always hearing fellow programmers rave on about their coffee intake...''

eXtreme Programming (a topic of this wiki) practices FortyHourWeeks because fresh and alert programmers write better code. Programmers are not expected to construct entire operating systems from scratch while camped out in the halls.

But the problem with drug use is not which drug kills (or assists) what brain cells. It's the chain of accountability. If you cannot tell your colleagues what drug you want to use (even if the only reason you can't is because the fascists, professional haters and Drug Warriors have your colleagues' balls in their vice-grip pliers, and even if it's just coffee) then you can't use that drug. Your colleagues simply have the right to know what state your mind's in. They are allowed to depend on that state being dependable and accountable.

_Even_ if you can prove that your favorite hallucinogen, or whatever, actually helped you write better code.


What does that have to do with risk? Substitute any behavior for the OP's attempt. Should ye make it around rules against reading books at work? Or certain foods? Or certain religious prostrations? How slippery our slope!

I don't know about you, but I decline to recline in a religious prostration on any slippery slope...

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