Wy Cash

WyCash is a fixed-income portfolio management system. It is the first commercial software developed and maintained using all ExtremeProgramming principles and is therefore a noteworthy first instance of ExtremeProgrammingProjects. WyCash is in use today generating revenue for vendor and customer alike a decade after its introduction.

WyCash started as an ordinary SmalltalkLanguage project, with a prototype that evolved into a product. The WyCash team stayed with the product through many many releases. By continuously evolving their own practices the team created most of those of today's XP.

WyCash methods differed from XP in two subtle and probably unimportant ways ...

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According to an outdated link, "This product is no longer available". Are you sure it's still generating revenue for the vendor?

The product has changed hands several times. It now goes by the less Wyatt specific name MaPS. = [http://www.invessys.com/ ]

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