Write Small But Useful Programs Every Day

As I remember, Ron said something like "When Ward is programming, he's like dancing in the air." What difference do you find between your process of programming and other (average) programmers'? (I don't mean Ron is average.) What programming etude do you recommend to become you? -- JuneKim

Ron was very kind to say that of me. I once said of him that he seemed like the kind of guy who had written every possible program at least once. In fact we are talking of the same thing. We recognize ourselves in each other because we have both loved programming and never let anyone turn us away from it. We know a lot of dance steps because we have danced a lot. I recommend writing small but useful programs every day. Never mind that someone has written the same or better once. They are not you. You must feel the utility of your own programs to gain a sense of balance between that and complexity. -- WardCunningham (emphasis by JuneKim)

I interviewed Ward in 2003 (August, Microsoftware Magazine), and found the interview just too inspirational and awakening. This one tip for etude is one of my favorites.

I use a variation/generalization of the theme for agile processes: Do small but useful things Every day.

The results of his WSBUPE etude are, for example:

-- JuneKim

In order to feel the significance of each word in the phrase, you can think about the opposite: speculate about large and unuseful designs sometimes. -- JuneKim

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