Words Smashed Together Like So

This title describes a class of which the title is a member. Someone call BertrandRussell.

When AddingNewPages, make new links by typing WordsSmashedTogetherLikeSo.

The most popular term for this technique of smashing words together seems to be CamelCase, although some people argue that this is instead PascalCase. See CapitalizationRules.

Adding this page broke the AddingNewPages topic, which mentions a question mark appearing besides WordsSmashedTogetherLikeSo. How does one delete a Wiki page?

See HowToDeletePages (but AddingNewPages is no longer broken).

They are not "smashed together", they are just "intimate".

I like the term LumpyWords. -- KatieLucas

Or how about 'space-challenged.'' -- RobHolecko

I've always used the term StudlyCaps, but note the semantic difference between camelCase (one hump) and CamelCase (two).

Well, the one humped one is dromedaryCase, but IfYouHaveMoreThanTwoWordsTheNumberOfHumpsIsNotReallyTheDistinctiveThingAboutIt?.

Or what about CapitalizedConcatenated?? -- StijnSanders

ConCapitalated? -- wandering stranger

Or CapiCated? -- follower of the wandering stranger

See also: SmashingWordsTogether, WikiName

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