Stijn Sanders


I really like WardsWiki, and am happy to learn all about ExtremeProgramming, to me it's the scientific definition of stuff, hints and gut-feelings I've always known and/or felt about programming.

Here are some URL's:

My home page
Me on GooglePlus
Me on Twitter
Me on GitHub

Or feel free to mail me, on any topic: mailto:info|AT|

I started, and use it any time I need to create something that processes text with 'humane markup' into HTML or other code. (If you're interested or even want to contribute, let me know!)

I've also started I've been coding PascalLanguage and DelphiLanguage for quite some years, but did PhpLanguage, asp and ColdFusion also, and thought of mixing HTML and Delphi into the same source for some years. In trying to implement InternetExplorer's IInternetProtocol interface, I finally found the missing links to go all the way with it. Take a look at it, play with it, and spread the word!


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