Woody Allen

Filmmaker famous for his NewYorkCityCulturalAssumption.

I like WoodyAllen movies. I just don't like that nervous guy who's in all of them.

Woody Allen started off as a comedy writer, and has several books to his name. One of my favorites is the slim "Getting Even" which is mostly parodies, farces, and presenting characters like Death being as neurotic as Woody Allen himself pretends to be. Includes a diary of the Earl of Sandwich's experiments of putting meat on bread. You read this stuff, note the date of publication, and then see all the people who have riffed off Woody Allen over the years.

"Sex without Love is an Empty Experience."

"Yes, but as far as empty experiences go, it's one of the best."

I don't think the charge of having a "cultural assumption" applies here. There are lots of WoodyAllen films that have nothing to do with New York City. His most recent ones seem to gravitate there, but that's probably because it is where he lives and where he draws his inspiration. As a parallel example, Steve Martin's films seem centered around Los Angeles and Hollywood, because he grew up there. Does he have a CaliforniaCulturalAssumption??

If I ever become a famous filmmaker, you're all going to be treated to the RochesterNewYorkCulturalAssumption?... -- JohnPassaniti

I guess KevinSmith has a NorthernNewJerseyCulturalAssumption?? -- MikeSmith


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