Wiki Portal Stories

These are things that a WikiPortal might do. Wiki as it stands doesn't really give us a good way to prioritize these, but you can help by rearranging the order as you see it. Please also add new stories as they occur to you.

It'll be useless if it doesnt:

  1. Provide wiki participants with a single RecentChanges for all wikis.
  2. I am not sure about this. . .I think if we could get a list of wikis and a short description, with a RecentChanges link next to it, that might work
  3. Let wikis register and deregister themselves as sources of RecentChanges

It'll be lame if it doesn't:

  1. Allow searching/RecentChanges of all sites by category. If a WikiName belongs to several categories it would show up in all of them.
  2. Provide a MyWiki page to give visibility to changes on selected category(s)/site(s) and to keep track of persistent settings as per above.
  3. Permit users to subscribe/filter particular combinations of category/site.
  4. Support BackLinks across multiple Wikis

It'll be really cool if it'll also:

  1. Cache old versions of wiki pages and let users go back in time (WayBackMode)
  2. Support a WikiInterchangeFormat
  3. Give a read-only BabelFish view of wikis that aren't in the user's language
  4. Automatically click "I can't type tabs" on WikiWiki :-)
  5. Be able to keep redundant copies of content to minimize data loss/server failure. (nuclear attack proof, like the internet)

Client-specific stories moved to WikiClientStories

Um, these are "feature lists". Could you provide a UserStory that motivates them? For example, I am wondering how the Category crept into the feature list.

What more is needed to turn these into UserStories? And categories are a wiki fact of life - why is it bad for a WikiPortal to make use of them?

I agree that I'm not clear what the overall context/vision is here. I'm going to try and put some notes on my page later. (Just put some Apr11'01, will chew on it some more...) --BillSeitz

Separately, might lots of the track-multiple-wikis issues be handled via RSS ( We could start by piggy-backing off the work that DaveWiner is doing with and and --BillSeitz

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