Google Loves Wiki

August 2008: ISBN Referer

Well Google sure loves Wiki since I just came to hack the UseMod script a little bit with an InterWiki Moniker for the built in ISBN Referer pointing to Google Books Beta as follows:

This would result in things like "The World is Flat" ISBN 0713998784 :


September 2007: Yes it does! ThankYouWard.

Wee-haa! Back on the radar! Well now I wonder how the world has changed since we fell out of it ... oh oh ... ChangesSinceWikiFellOffTheScope ...

Jul05: GoogleHatesWiki. :-( but YahooLovesWiki still.

Google ranks pages according to the number of pages that connect to them. In theory, this rewards a number of positive behaviors:

Wikis provides a web spider with a dizzying web of interlinked pages. The average Wiki page is far more linked-to than the average web page, which inflates its "goodness" in Google's eyes. For example, in early 2004:

As with any system, the rules create unintended consequences. The system also rewards:

Google apparently tweaked its algorithms later in 2004 to handle unusual pages like Wiki and blogs (, but Google still tended to score wikis and blogs highly.

As of June 2005, it appears that Google doesn't appear to love Wiki very much any more. See GoogleHatesWiki.

See also GoogleBombing


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