Wiki Forbidden Topics

A list of topics that ought to be forbidden (or at least discouraged) on Wiki:

I assume that includes programming languages, methodologies, and operating systems? Computer science topics are, by definition, OnTopic. Of course, HolyWars and ParadigmPissingMatches are to be discouraged.

Why should anything be forbidden? Who would enforce it? What's wrong with letting RecentChanges decide what lives and dies? Why must you people always try and stifle the freedom that exists on wiki? If something is off-topic, it will likely get deleted by many people, SoftSecurity is part of WhyWikiWorks.

This advice is intended as that - advice. The above topics were listed because they are - in general - OffTopic, and also because they generate much more heat than light. Maybe, "forbidden" is too strong of a word; I'm not going to try and forbid anything, nor do I have any intention of massively deleting that material which I don't personally approve of.

I just posted saying I was always right and therefore my posts would never be deleted. . . Can you believe that comment disappeared?

Perhaps we should call this HistoricallyFutileWikiTopics?, and then list topics that has been debated to death with only a large mess for show and are eventually deleted. Instead of being an advice for what topic to choose, let it be a warning for those who wish to walk that path again.

Apparently, the WBL vandal thinks this page is off-topic, as he is regularly deleting it!

cf LandMines

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