Weasel Word

It has been said of ItDepends, that it is often used as a WeaselWord. Just what is meant by this? Are those who use it trying to escape something? Does that mean that it is used to avoid clarification or to escape making things clear?

In current studies in the SemanticWeb and in Ontology it is stressed that word meaning is clearer when one sees how it it used and upon what context its meaning depends. When a word or several words are separated from the usage and context in which it may appear, one may not have a clear understanding of just what it means. A term which seems to reappear in the literature is related to this concept of ItDepends: disambiguation.

To me this means that words are best understood when they are presented in a context. Words standing alone and without context may be ambiguous.

-- DonaldNoyes

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BadStuffWeLearnInSchool CarlSagansBaloneyDetectionKit ThinkingAndTheCriticalThinker WeaselWording ThereIsNoAbsolute? [That has the distinct scent of weaseliness about it, Donald. There are things which fall into the classification of "everything," "universal," and "true." To suggest that Wikizens are not capable of discerning the difference between what is absolute and what is relative invites non-stop, eternal arguments and bickering. Let's not have that here, please.]

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