Weasel Wording

WeaselWording is the carefully crafted language often found in contracts, specifications, political speech, and advertising that provides the originator with an opportunity to "weasel out of" any responsibility based on the statement.

Just another reason why you can't trust the DamnedLawyers... -MathewButler

Here are some examples:

"Your mileage may vary"

"No warranty of performance is expressed or implied"

"All dates and times are subject to change"

"Terms and conditions subject to change without notice"

"Gets your dishes virtually spot free"

"E&OE" -- usually found in small print in the bottom corner of the floor plan for new housing developments. I think it stands for Errors and Omissions Exempted, but I'm not sure. Basically, the builder isn't penalized for small deviations from plan. Typically this means you don't sue if your living room is 10 feet 2 inches and the plan called for 10 feet 4 inches. But, I've also heard it used as an out for more major omissions - in one case, an entire window! -- also used on advertising, meaning that the prices listed aren't binding.

WeaselWording managers use to weasel you into accepting a task...

"You're not thinking out of the box" -- WeaselWording, or AlarmBellPhrase?

See also: WeaselWords, WoodenLanguage

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