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Q: How do I create a linkable TOC for my wiki topics shown on my page? I've seen other sites with keywords like [[TableOfContents]]. That one doesn't work here.

A: On this Wiki, you have to manually create your table of contents.


Q: I am totally new to Wiki and just want to try this out. Is seems that there are soooo many links to go through to get to the point. Am I the only one who feels this way?

A: It can be a little confusing at first, try: RoadMaps; CategoryCategory; ReallyValuablePages, and StartingPoints. Once you have become familiar with Wiki and how Wiki works, you are always welcome to help organize and categorize Wiki with the rest of the WikiCommunity. Wiki was originally more of a document-creating medium, then an organizing mechanism.


Q: What does 'removed' mean in a description such as "my second cousin twice removed"?

A: 'Removed' means the relative is in an older or younger generation. Your second cousin twice removed is your grandma/grandpa's second cousin because your grandparent is two generations removed from you. Or it could be your second cousin's grandchild, I think. (Your grandchild's second cousin can be your sibling's grandchild, therefore your great niece/nephew. Now I'm getting myself confused.)

Q: I was trying to track down relationship between BusinessModeling and VSM as in ViableSystemModeling?. If an important link exists someone please create page. If someone have significant experience or exposure with the use of VSM as in ValueStreamMapping? please create page as well.


Half Answer: I'm afraid the only person who could give you an answer is the author of WikiTermontography. Bear in mind that while WikiTermontography appears to be a serious article, ManagementSpeak definitely is not. I will try to stir the pot and get both our questions answered.

Q:Is there a wiki/forum/resource site dedicated to novice/amateur/hobbyist programmers? In my case for Python and C, but other people might prefer something else. 26 July 2006

A: Forums seem to cover topics in only a superficial way, and the only important wiki I've known of was the wxPython one, although I think there might have been a decent Haskell one too. Your best bet is to ignore the Web and try IRC, mailing lists, and newsgroups (if they aren't being spammed); however, these each have Web interfaces. See http://www.python.org/community/ for some specifics, and you might be able to extrapolate to other resources. Language-specific communities are far, far more common than generalized ones in my experience. 2007-1-29

A2: Wikibooks is a wiki that (among other things) is writing books aimed at novice/amateur/hobbyist programmers. See http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Wikibooks:Programming_languages_bookshelf. 2008-05-30

A3: Most questions of the form "Is there a wiki dedicated to ...." can be answered by a search at the Wiki Index. See http://wikiindex.org/Category:C, http://wikiindex.org/Category:Python, and http://wikiindex.org/Category:Programming. 2008-05-30 yes


Q: I really like the wiki idea but I am brand new. My goal is to select and integrate a wiki software package to my website where I have a big table of content (TOC). There are many rows in the table which are different topics in the TOC. There are only two columns in this table. The left column consists of cells which are topics from TOC. The right column consists of cells each corresponds to the left topic. My specific goal is: For each cell on the right, let visitors to put comments to the topic on the left cell.

Can some one recommend me a wiki software package so I can start to work on?

Note I have some knowledge of Perl, and my webserver is a Linux running Apache. Thanks!

WikiEngines has a long list.

Where did Oracle move the JavaHelp downloads page to? It used to be at: http://java.sun.com/products/javahelp/download_binary.html#download

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