Warren Buffett

Warren Edward Buffett is a wealthy American investor and businessman. Even though he has an estimated net worth of $27,265,000,000.00, ranked behind one of his board members, Bill Gates, he lives unpretensiously in a home he bought in the late 50s and takes home a salary of only $100,000 as chairman of the board of BerkshireHathaway?, in which he has holdings of nearly 40 percent. This is an Anti-Pattern of the billionaires around the world. [Is this an AntiPattern? I believe this word is used incorrectly here, I understand that his modest life is against most billionaires but that is not what AntiPattern means is it? --AndrewRicketts {Someone more knowledgable please update and possibly delete my comment}]

I don't know this for sure, but I would bet he doesn't use a credit card and is completely debt free. How many Americans can say that, regardless of income level?

I am curious as to whether he uses a PersonalComputer, and if so, what kind? Yes, and his name is Bob. :) Seriously, he claims that he does not use e-mail or a cell phone!

Are there other billionaires in the world who live far beneath their means? For that matter, how many Programmers and ComputerScientists do the same?

Reply: Founder of IKEA Ingvar Kamprad has net worth of $33 billions. From wikipedia.org: "Kamprad drives a 15 year old Volvo, flies only economy class"

Seems to be the ScroogeMcDuck? pattern. There are probably only a few patterns to get rich, but one of them surely involves being close. Others may involve making others depend on you, bluffing, powerplay... But if you are frugal you will not suddenly drop that once you get rich.


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