Wards Oopsla Keynote

WardCunningham gave a Keynote talk about Wikis at OopsLa 2004 (http://www.oopsla.org/2004/ShowPage.do?id=Home), so it seemed appropriate there is a Wiki page about his talk.

How many people would be interested in buying a video of Ward's talk, if it is available? There is a chance the ACM has the tape but isn't inclined to do the post-production and marketing work to sell the tape, unless they are sure there is enough interest. Any volunteers to ask the ACM? If not, let me know if you're interested in buying a tape, and I'1ll count the interested names and ask the ACM. - KelleyHarris

My favorite quote: "Getting a computer to do something isn't that hard. I mean, it's not like planning a vacation with your wife." - GeoffSobering

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