Tim Mackinnon

A nice guy to have a drink with in the pub! In fact some of my best ideas have come from "The Rugby" sitting with colleagues by the fire, a pint in one hand and a pencil and scrap of paper in the other.

I work for Iterex, a company I started to develop my ideas around light weight project planning, focused teams and iterative development. Through Iterex I have developed some card tracking software (Iterex Planning Cards) and more recently some iPhone applications (ReDo?). I also continue to provide consulting for teams using agile development.

I used to work for ThoughtWorks who supported my work on ProjectRetrospectives, MockObjects? and AgileProjectManagement?. Previously I founded the XP team at Connextra [http://www.connextra.com/], and previously worked at Dashboards Software [http://www.dashboards-sw.com/]. A long time ago, I worked for OTI [http://www.oti.com/] in their London lab.

Having mulled over XP, I pioneered its use at Dashboards with OliBye and PaulSimmons. I proved its worth at Connextra for 4 year, as way to deliver browser technology that gives useful information that is contextual to whatever you are looking at. I have now shown it working in a large corporate environment with several different teams, who when they really put their minds to it, delivered amazing results.

Our team is now definitely TestInfected, and there is truth in getting satisfaction from seeing your tests run clean (I was pleased when Kent Beck talked about programmer satisfaction, at OT99. Happy developers are healthy developers - the heads nod around me).

A long time ago I wrote JunitCreator but modern IDE's have now replaced its usefulness. I also wrote a paper with SteveFreeman and PhilipCraig? on MockObjects (presented at XP2000) which I have recently updated with Steve, JoeWalnes and NatPryce for Oopsla2004.


Tim was the first person to tell me about ExtremeProgramming and the WikiWikiWeb over lunch last year. Thanks for drastically impacting the rest of my life, Tim - quite possibly for the better! --RichardDrake

Any chance of creating a version of JunitCreator for JBuilder?


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