Thought Works

ThoughtWorks is a custom development and application integration firm specializing in J2EE and .NET technologies. ThoughtWorks' clients are primarily Global 1000 companies in the Financial Services, Retail and Energy verticals. They focus on solving high risk/high complexity problems for early adopters of new technologies.

All of their projects are very influenced by various AgileMethods, but pure XP projects are not the norm. Usually, projects utilise many XP practices, with some Scrum and Crystal, but often teams are more than 12 people (with several projects approaching 100 people). Also, they have done numerous Distributed Agile projects. They also enable companies to implement or refine their Agile practices with expertise in various areas, such as ContinuousIntegration.

ThoughtWorks has a strong commitment to the OpenSource movement, having developed and released the CruiseControl, NUnit 2.0, QuickFix and many more. See for a list.

ThoughtWorks has offices in Chicago, Calgary, San Francisco, New York, Nashville, Columbus, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Bangalore, London, and Xi'an China.

ThoughtWorks is a sponsor of XPAgileUniverse, OtTwoThousandAndFour, the AgileDevelopmentConference and dozens of ThoughtWorkers speak at international conferences every year. They also publish many books, articles, and white papers, which may be found at

If you're looking for a challenging and rewarding place to work, ThoughtWorks is always looking for talented people who are passionate about software.

Other ThoughtWorkers (amongst many, past, present and future - see also ThoughtworksAlumni):

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