Terry Pratchett

A mini-bibliography:

ISBN 0060012358  The Amazing Maurice...
ISBN 0061020397  Carpe Jugulum
ISBN 0061020710  The Color of Magic
ISBN 0061020699  Equal Rites
ISBN 0380821214  Eric
ISBN 0061057649  Feet of Clay
ISBN 0061020648  Guards! Guards!
ISBN 0061059056  Hogfather
ISBN 0061020400  The Fifth Elephant
ISBN 0061056901  Interesting Times
ISBN 0061059064  Jingo
ISBN 0061059072  The Last Continent
ISBN 0060507772  The Last Hero
ISBN 0061020702  The Light Fantastic
ISBN 0061056928  Lords and Ladies
ISBN 006105691X  Maskerade
ISBN 0061092193  Men at Arms
ISBN 0061020680  Mort
ISBN 0552144290  Mort: The Play
ISBN 006102063X  Moving Pictures
ISBN 0061054895  Soul Music
ISBN 0060013117  Night Watch
ISBN 0061020656  Pyramids
ISBN 0061020621  Reaper Man
ISBN 0061092177  Small Gods
ISBN 0061020672  Sourcery
ISBN 0061031321  Thief of Time
ISBN 0380818191  The Truth
ISBN 0060012366  The Wee Free Men
ISBN 0061020613  Witches Abroad
ISBN 0061020664  Wyrd Sisters

DiscWorld inspired
ISBN 0091865158  The Science of Discworld
ISBN 0385600054  Nanny Ogg's Cookbook

The Carpet People
Dark Side of the Sun

The Johny books
Only You Can Save Mankind
Johny and the Bomb
Johny and the Dead

Short stories (please complete details)
        "Troll Bridge", featuring Cohen the Barbarian and trolls, in a Middle-Earth inspired anthology
something about death turning up at a retirement costume dance
Hollywood Chickens (see http://www.ufbs.co.uk/dwm/dwm0011.html) an essay on chickens crossing a highway (very, very funny)

Good Omens ISBN  0441003257  or ISBN  0425132153  (with NeilGaiman)
        Discworld roleplaying game (formerly GURPS Discworld, Steve Jackson Games) with various authors

General discussion

Terry writes brilliant humorous fantasy. His book The Colour of Magic is on my list of five best fantasy books of all time. -- KentBeck

I second that emotion -- AlistairCockburn

I agree. What are the other four? -- MartineDevos

See FunnyFantasy for one list.

I prefer "Mort", but agree that Pratchett is great. -- BetsyHanesPerry

"Small Gods" is roaringly funny. -- DaveSmith

I haven't read Hogfather yet, but I can recommend all the other books. They are extremely funny. If you get a chance to read one (or more) do so!

-- RobertPhillips

Hogfather is quite good as well - Pterry has cost me a fair bit in shipping charges for books, since they seem to be so difficult to get here in the states. Gotta run off and get Jingo and the Last Continent...

I don't know if it's my cultural ignorance or what, but the books seem less funny as date of publication increases (this is not meant to be a negative comment - I still find them to be riveting reads and highly recommend them). I laughed out loud at the Colour of Magic and the Light Fantastic, giggled through the ones through Pyramids, and snickered at next few. I'm not sure what this says about anything...

-- BillJamison

This is surprising to me as I find his books the opposite. The Colour of Magic, and The Light Fantastic seemed rather flat when I first read them, and they still do when I go back to them. Personally I consider Interesting Times and Hogfather to be his best, closely followed by Mort. And of course being an Australian enjoy The Last Continent. -- AndraeMuys

Someone made the observation years ago on alt.fan.pratchett that people tend to consider the first Pratchett book that they've read as the best. That somewhat holds true in my case - I consider Mort to be one of Pterry's best. -- AlexValdez

Fantastic, it's great to see there are like minded individuals out there. I've got 20 of the 22 Discworld novels and they're all hilarious! One for the American audience has to be "Moving Pictures" and any Australians out there may find "The Last Continent" amusing. -- StuartBarker

The language spoken by the Celts in "Soul Music" is Welsh by the way. ("Sioni bydd dda" = Sonny B Goode, "Imp y Celyn" = Bud The Holly,...)

-- some guy

Really, you should read both "Jingo" and "Night Watch", they're really mature writings and have really good cynics about politics. -- Matteo

Good Omens

Also check out his collaboration with NeilGaiman, "Good Omens", hands-down the funniest book about the Apocalypse. -- BetsyHanesPerry

Actually, I'd include Good Omens as the hands-down funniest book about the creation, all of human history and the apocalypse all three! -- KyleBrown

"Good Omens" was a great tale of a boy and his dog... SF Site is a great place to find reviews of science fiction and fantasy books. It's led me to several books that I never would have picked up otherwise. -- KatyMulvey

The first Pratchett I read was Equal Rites, which I started reading in a supermarket that happened to have one of those rotatey book stands to the annoyance of my parents who were trying to buy food for us all at the time. I went off and bought CoM & tLF a few weeks later to read them first. While they're not the greatest, they're still good. I don't buy Mr Pratchett's books anymore - I'm waiting for him to stop writing diskworld novels, which frankly started feeling a little tired at about #12...

Good Omens is a nice standalone read.

-- KatieLucas

The Discworld RPG is not by Pratchett alone, but it is 1) very funny 2) a good "behind the scenes" look at the Discworld 3) an excellent roleplaying game. -- LorenzoGatti

See also: http://www.lspace.org and http://www.sfsite.com/lists/pratchet.htm

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