Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman is a British author. Most famous for TheSandman, his works also include prose, poetry, radio, TV and film.

Neil was a later part of the British invasion of DC which started with AlanMoore (Swamp Thing / Watch Men / Killing Joke), and later encompassed (amongst others) writers AlanGrant? (Batman), GrantMorrison (Animal Man / The Invisibles), GarthEnnis (Hellblazer / Preacher), JamieDelano? (Hellblazer), WarrenEllis? (Transmetropolitan), and artists SteveDillon, GlennFabry?, JohnRidgeway? etc etc etc.

He is a regular collaborator with DaveMcKean?, who illustrated all of TheSandman covers.

Other fine Gaiman stuff is

The Dreaming:

Is my observation correct, that he seems to be PairAuthoring? at an unusually high rate?

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