Stupid Little Edits

In gentler words - the kind of work your WikiGnome does. Categorizing pages, fixing typos, removing your signatures to ease refactoring, etc. These are usually considered a GoodThing.

On the other hand, some view this as a problem, because it causes more entries in RecentChanges.

The focus of this wiki is textual content, not perfect punctuation and presentation.

Currently, there is an automated SharkBot which will revert these kind of edits.

But do FixYourWiki.

For new content, please try to follow the WikiStyleGuide.

"...removing your signatures to ease refactoring..."

I cannot object to this practice strongly enough. When I put my signature on a particular contribution it is because I want my words kept as is. There have been times in the distant past when something I said was buggered up by someone wanting to "streamline" or "correct" one of my statements. Instead of improving my contribution these do-gooders screwed the pooch badly. I wish my statements to be left alone when I sign them.

On the other hand, I have made plenty of contributions to this Wiki that were unsigned, sometimes with my name added to the list of contributors at the bottom of the page. This is a great way to let any involved WikiGnome sort out the ThreadMode diatribe into a more concise DocumentMode statement of ThesisAntithesisSynthesis and still maintain one's tracking of ongoing discussions.

Please don't remove signatures without asking the original author of the statement.

-- MartySchrader

See: RecentChangesIsNotTheWiki, InDefenseOfImperfection


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