Seven Deadly Sins

Seven "cardinal" sins, not so bad in and of themselves but which could lead you to more serious things.

 Sin        Punishment in Hell                        Animal      Color       Dwarf   Castaway      Holiday

Pride broken on the wheel Horse Violet Doc Professor 4th of July Envy put in freezing water Dog Green Dopey Mary Ann St Patrick's Day Anger dismembered alive Bear Red Grumpy Skipper Halloween Sloth thrown in snake pits Goat Light Blue Sleepy Lovey Daylight Savings Greed put in cauldrons of boiling oil Frog Yellow Sneezy Mr. Howell Christmas Gluttony forced to eat rats, toads, and snakes Pig Orange Happy Gilligan Thanksgiving Lust smothered in fire and brimstone Cow Blue Bashful Ginger Valentine's Day

What about the sin of sitting around thinking about what's going to happen to folks you dislike in hell?

Such could be motivated by any of the above.

Whereas the seven heavenly virtues are faith, hope, charity, fortitude, justice, temperance, prudence.

What are the rewards in Heaven for the SevenHeavenlyVirtues?

It is traditional in the Catholic church to refer to the "Seven Deadly Sins", and the "Seven Cardinal Virtues".

Actually, in Christian scripture, "the wages of sin is death" (Romans 6:23); all sins tend toward death and are thus deadly. These are the "Seven Capital Sins", from the Latin caput, "head". These are classically considered the headwaters of all other sins.

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Captain Marvel (of the 1940s -- think Shazam!) fought the SevenDeadlySins. Classic Comic Book Stuff.

The Cardinal Sins of ExtremeProgramming are...

What do people think about Apathy and SelfDeceit, are these not as big as at least Gluttony?

I think one could make an argument that apathy is the root of sloth and that SelfDeceit may be a special case of pride.

And Gluttony seems a little soft as far as great sins of man go ... but then again, Unbridled Consumption is a pretty ugly thing in any form.

{Yeah, gluttony isn't just about eating too much. It's also about SUV drivers.}

Another name reuse: - Seven Deadly Sins of programming

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