Sam Adams

Sam S. Adams spent 8 years as co-founder and ChiefScientist for KnowledgeSystemsCorporation in Cary, NC, a software and services startup that played a major role in the commercial acceptance of the Smalltalk programming environment.

He later joined the IBM Consulting Group in 1994 as a founding member of IBM's Object Technology Practice. In 1995, he helped create the IBM Object Foundry, which was the genesis of IBM's world-wide software reuse infrastructure. Sam was elected that year to the IBM Academy of Technology where he led an Academy study on Self-configuring systems, the initial IBM effort on what was to become Project eLiza and Autonomic Computing in 1999. In 1996, Sam was named one of IBM's first Distinguished Engineers. He spent 1997 in IBM Research investigating adaptive systems technology and then joined Network Computing Software Division in 1998 to help drive emerging technologies into IBM products and services. Sam was IBM's technical architect and strategist for XML in 1999 and helped create the concept of Service Oriented Architectures, which forms the basis for today's Web Services and Grid Services efforts. He returned to IBM Research in 2000, spending the next 2 years on exploratory research into semantic processing and common sense computing, as part of IBM's On Demand Computing effort.

Sam is currently focusing on empowering end users to develop their own web application via a radically simplified approach to programming web services. A Native American of Cherokee and Sac-and-Fox descent, Sam is IBM's Executive laison to AISES, the American Indian Science and Engineering Society.

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