Knowledge Systems Corporation

ReedPhillips founded KSC with the intention of offering products and services in the emerging KnowledgeEngineering market. Reed soon found the Smalltalk market to be emerging much more rapidly, probably due to the boundless energy of SamAdams, an early member of the KSC team.

Other contributions, acheivements and inventions include...

Factoid: Reed told the graphic artist to make sure the company logo was easy to draw with the desktop equipment of the day.

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I always thought our friends in Portland did CRC Cards (WardCunningham, RebeccaWirfsBrock, others). Did KSC do the first Enterprise modeling? Am I growing senile?

--- TomStambaugh

Tom, you're misunderstanding this section (Which Ward wrote!) WardAndKent did invent CRC cards. However, Sam popularized their use and introduced them to a wider audience with a multitude of CRC talks at many, many conferences.

-- KyleBrown

Got it, now. I thought I had fallen into a universe where Ward and Sam worked for IBM and KSC invented CRC (also where Elvis was dead).

-- TomStambaugh

But.. Elvis is dead. He died during the "harmonic convergence" so that he could be reincarnated as Quetzalcoatl. Watch the old B sci-fi movie 'Q' backwards for details.

-- MichaelFeathers


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